Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Day I Needed

Earlier today I wrote out the day I thought I needed
and then I lived it out.


The setting for the day was that folks were going kayaking and I just didn't have it in me. It wasn't just a physical thing, a lot of it was that I knew I needed some solid alone time to recharge.

I wrote up that, "I don't feel like I have anything in me. I want to go drive to a beach in Tobbit and take a nap. I want to make him curtains. I want to go share a spelt-bar with Emily. I want to hide in my bed and feel safe. I want to listen to the radio while tucked inside my sleeping bag. I want to listen to This American Life and to my dad singing those songs he wrote when he was my age."

Well, I'm pleased to report that now I feel like I have a lot in me. I feel full and much more solid.

The day started off by heading to the Knick Knack Nook where I found some things for Tobbit - magnets and some fixings to make Tobbit curtains. I ended up making them out of a small quilt (pillow-case size) which I sewed gold loops onto. They now hook up to Tobbit and cover the side-window completely. Project for the day accomplished!

The special find for the day, at the Nook, was 3 DVDs of the first season of Sesame Street. I've lately been getting into a bit of a Muppet-rut. I'm not sure when or how it started, but most-things-Muppet amuse me greatly.  I've been curious about old school Sesame Street and here it was. What did it cost me? Less than $0.50.

I then drove to Artisan Eats for a Spelt Bar (with a bottom dipped in chocolate) and a Pilsner brewed by the Steamworks Brewing Company of Vancouver. I first had it a few weeks ago and it's become one of my favourite beers. I just looked it up online and, as it turns out, I'm not the only one who finds it to be delicious. We shared thoughts and I appreciate the time I got to spend with her. After the word exchange, I got to work at writing postcards. Since I burned my hand, I haven't been able to be a good pen pal and it was time to try to catch up. Postcards are usually where I start in correspondences, especially if there's going to be, or has been, a major time gap.

After that, I dropped by the post-office, grabbed some stamps, and then headed over to the Ruddy Potato to buy a bag of chocolate to put in the women's bathrooms. With 8 females living in the house, our cycles tend to sync up and it was clear that more chocolate was needed in our lives. I think I'll leave it in [covered] bowls by the sinks.

And then, sigh, it was time to be cozy in Tobbit. I decided to skip the beach and drive back to L'Abri. I built a fire that did roar and quickly turned Tobbit into the snuggest little box-of-a-truck on Bowen Island. I was surrounded by my quilts, Grandma's stich-work, books, and all things needed for a restful afternoon.

I quickly turned on This American Life and got to work in making the curtains (attaching the rings) while listening to Ira talk about cars. It was good. After the episode finished, I listened to a few episodes of the More or Less Podcast, a statistics podcast from the BBC.

Then, I let myself put on the first-ever episode of Sesame Street. Oh man. Have you seen that yet? Have you? It's really, really, good and terribly, terribly amusing. I found myself guffahing to myself at the TV show that is meant for preschoolers.

And then I went out in the rowboat.

Overall, this day was what I needed it to be.

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