Thursday, March 27, 2014

the Rowboat with Tim

Earlier today I wrote out the sort of day I wanted for today. Turns out that what I wrote out became a reality and it was just the sort of day I needed to recharge and fell well rested in the way that makes me want to throw my head back and sigh a contented sigh of stable-ness. Most of the day was spent in Tobbit and now I'm back in there.

A bit before dinner, I headed inside for a stretch and to wash my lunch bags out. In washing the bags, I was given the lovely, lovely view of the back property of L'Abri. Back there, we have a few ponds and next to one of those ponds is an overturned rowboat. I decided that that was what I wanted to do with my afternoon. My ankle is keeping me from going for walks, but I could at least use my arms a bit.

Tim came upstairs and decided to join. I think two in a boat is more amusing than one in a boat.

We headed out back, flipped the boat over, and set out for pond-center.
And Pond North.
And Pond South.
And Pond West.
And Pond East.

It's a very tiny pond, but big enough to feel like you're can at least start to go somewhere.

In one corner, we found globs and globs of frog eggs, jellying it up on sticks and twigs. We read Lucy's latest comic, Grand Adventure (for sale here) and dreamed up boat dreams and conjured up boat stories. A lot of my dreams have been nautical lately (I know, I know, I have Tobbit - don't worry, I'm not giving him up any time soon) and to get on the water felt good, even if just in a wee little rowboat that leaked a bit, making the seat of Tim's pants wet. Carole's letter also got wet but it dried out perfectly when we got home.

The sun started its setting-process which made the light come through the trees in a perfect way and everything glowed in the way that things glow in Cascadia.

I felt refreshed and happy. It was an idyllic ending to a peaceful day. I am grateful to be here.

Thanks Tim.

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