Monday, March 10, 2014

The Sun Came Out

Today, I felt overwhelmingly happy again. What is with these emotional highs and lows? Up on the mountain and down in the depths.

Maybe it was the sun.
The sun came out today.

L'Abri has been very grey the past few weeks. It's been snow and rain storms and fog and finally, sigh, here comes the sun.

Yesterday was the first golden day which I spent climbing up Mount Gardner.

Today was a regular day, but everything just sort of felt a bit different. For the first time since term began, outside seeme cozier than our fire-warmed interior.

During lunch, members of the community found themselves lounging in the sun with their full bowls of lentil dahl. Later we spent a significant amount of time reading the second half of Mark. Clark read to us and we got to just take it in and scribble down or make mental notes of observations. The time ended with a long discussion and Tim demonstrating how a walking horse walks.

Then it was study time, 'cept I think we were all a bit restless. I had laundry to do but the sun was out and I knew I had to get out. I thought I was going to walk with the group but then decided to head out on my own.

I got down the driveway, through the lane, and around the corner when I started to feel the strong impulse to dance. The sun shone down on the road and I kicked off my boots, peeled off my socks, shook off my jacket, and started to twirl, jive, and boogie across the pavement. I felt free and alive. I felt vibrant and everything was bright again.

A few songs later, a trio of gals came marching down the road my way, catching me slightly off guard. The road had been so vacant, it was easy to forget that humans exist or knew that I existed.

The three gals were Liz, Sofia, and Erin -- all from L'Abri -- and I decided to join them for the rest of the way. None of them had been to the Lookout (not the Outlook, that's somewhere else) and so I guided them around the turn and down the dirt road to another view point.

My shoes were popped back off again and the grass was so warm. It was a little time capsule moment of bliss. It was when you want to jump up and down and roll around, and do. It's when you feel like your limbs can go just about anywhere in space and that sort of possibility always makes me laugh.

Why is it all so different from a week ago? A week ago, I felt so drowned and incapable of even imagining feeling overcome with delight again. Is it the weather? Is it me? I wish the swing wasn't so great between the two.

Altogether, I was so grateful for this time out in the sun. I am grateful for the view and grateful for the light. I was grateful for the warm grass and the fine company. I don't know what till happen tomorrow, but I got a few kicks of delight.

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