Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cable Crossing

Today Tobbit and I went out to main-land end of this long string of land that connects to a small blog of land at the end. There was a park, Otis Perkins Day Park, that was perfect. I could park with a view of the Salish Sea on one side and Fisherman Bay on the other.

I pulled out the latest book I had checked out from the library - Bonhoeffer's biography. I grabbed my sheepskin (from a Lopez sheep) and threw it on the roof and hopped up top. I sprawled out, took in the sun, and read. It felt good. I took a nap. It felt good. I took high-school themed self-portraits, it felt alright.

One of the highlights was finding this phrase, "...umlautless generations repaired."

Wander the beach.
Hours go by.

When I got home, the chickens were there to greet Tobbit.

I had ran into the the new WWOOFer and her brother, Amanda and Andrew of Las Vegas, earlier in the day at the dump. I wandered over to the trailer where they would be staying to munch on the broccoli I keep stored in the fridge there. Not only did I find my broccoli, I found that they were lovely people and super-chill to hang out with. I really enjoyed them - and Amanda has the tiniest pup!

Dinner was splendid. At around 8:30 PM, we headed up to the house where Davis had been preparing a feast! There was a man up there playing guitar and I grabbed my cello for a quick jam session. There we go. Now it feels like home.

Dinner was nettles, yams, salmon (Alaskan, I think), clam chowder (I just had the clams), brown rice (which I didn't have), freshly fermented sauerkraut (did have). So good. So grateful.

And now I think I'll sleep.

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