Sunday, April 20, 2014

Camping at Devil's Lake :: Oregon Coast

The invitation came from my brother.

His friend, Whitney, was having a birthday and let Ian invite a few friends to join them in a yurt for the weekend. We would be staying at the Devils Lake campground, just a short walk from the Pacific Ocean. That mighty fierce thing that demands awe.

Ready for this?
Tobbit Montage!

Tobbit drove the 320 miles to Lincoln City, Oregon like a champion. Such a great truck. He hummed along and did wonderfully.

When I got to the campground, I found their yurt and automobiles but no humans. They were at the beach. I drove down and wandered -- the beach is a very large, long thing. They weren't too far off. Maybe a 9 minute walk, or so.

There they were, playing bocci ball. Then Ian drew out a giant mancala board in the sand and we played with stones until the ocean filled up all of our holes.

Back home we went for dinner. Spaghetti-O's. I hadn't had them in years but couldn't resist digging a spoon into the familiar tin can full of red O's.

Satisfied, we ran back to the ocean for the sunset. There, Ian proposed to Whitney and she chased a dollar bill around the beach.

We thought we saw seals, but they turned out to be humans...

I was grateful for the time I got to spend with my brother. He's one of my favourite humans in the entire world.

Morning was very, very.. morning-esque. I'd had an early night and enjoyed having a long time to enjoy waking up in Tobbit.

Happy Easter!

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