Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clam Digging

"Want to go clam digging?" asked Matt, the man I had just met who owns the property I'm currently living on.
Immediately, I gave back a, "Yes!"

How's that for an end to the first afternoon on Lopez?

Matt, Hannah, Davis, and I all piled into the big white truck and drove down to the bay, tools and buckets at the ready.

We were soon taught how to dig holes and tell a fake clam from a real one. The fake ones are the shells just filled full of sand. Both fake and real clams were bountiful.

After we'd filled up a bucket, we all got back in the truck to drive to another body of water with a dock. There, we worked together to clean out as much sand, grime, gunk, and slime as we could. We twisted the shells and used our fingernails between the gap.

It was a refreshing afternoon.
Sandy, dirty, and sea-smelling.

Love that Salish Sea.


  1. Oh. Beautiful.
    I hope you are doing well.
    I miss you.
    Thank you for postcard(s). You are a precious gem.

  2. Those are some really nice sized clams! You guys are lucky you get to do that. I visited Seaside Oregon last year and saw a lot of people digging for clams. They later said they would dig them up and cook them that night. I thought that was awesome!

    Will Jenkins | http://www.shadyshoresbeachresort.com


Your words make me grin.

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