Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dear Alex :: Leaky Tobbit

Dear Alex,

I woke up cold with a full bladder a headache and the sound of crazy rain pounding on the ceiling (more than 60 decibels because my earplugs cancel that out and I can still hear it plenty loud through them - I'm going to get a loudness-tester at the library and see).

Welcome to the reality of living in a truck.
No complaints - truly.
It was 2:30 AM and I knew that everything would seem dramatic in the middle of the night. I put on Grandfather's robe, put a towel over to catch the leak, and that was that.

I don't mind the discomfort for that night, but the leaky-roof was what worried me. Tobbit can't leak. He can't. He's a tiny little truck with a little shack and I can't afford for him to crumble down or get nasty.

In the morning, there was another drip spot. I hopped out of bed and covered the top of the shack with a weak tarp I had and, in the morning light, saw that i had left my rubbermaid-tub open so everything isnide was soaked.

It had been one of those nights where the rain turned to a relentless storm that poured inches of that wondrous wet stuff.

I curled back up in bed and put on Rachmaninoff for a Rainy Day.

Over the next few days the shack dried out and I decided to fix up the leak-spots.

The good news is that they way you suggested I fix the last leak had worked, that spot wasn't leaking, and I decided to take the same approach. I ran over to the hardware store and picked up some sandpaper, epoxy, and that weird plastic-wood paste.

In the sun, I scuffed up the spots, cleaned, and then dried them. I applied a thick, thick layer of epoxy which hardened over the next 24 hours and it's held so far. I don't know if this is right or not, but I applied some weird wood-plastic paste up on the inside where the wood looked like it had split a little, or weakened. I'll sand over it next time I can get my hands on a vacuum. For now, I think it strengthened it a bit. I hope it did. or at least sealed it up - but not too sealed, the walls can breath on the outside.

We'll see with the next big downpour that comes our way.

See you in a few weeks,


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