Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey. Lopez Island.

I'm now in the place that that I plan on investing time and energy into.
I think I want to call this place home for a while.

Idyllically, I'd like Lopez Island be to my Washington to what Haines is to my Alaska.

Ok... that doesn't make complete sense. I'll never have another Haines, but I dream of having something like what I have in Haines. And I think I ought to stop here before this comes a long Ode to Haines, town I adore. (I reallyreallyreally miss Haines)

Greetings, world. Greetings from Lopez Island.
One of 400 island and or rocks in the San Juans - a rad archipelago in Washington state.
It's the seventh largest island in Washington state at 29 square miles (largest is Whidbey to Orcas, San Juan, Fidalgo, Camano, Vashon, and then Lopez) with the 10th largest population of around 2,200 folks.

I'm currently living in Tobbit on a lovely farm in the center of the island. I'm not sure, yet, how long I'll live there. There are a few other housing situations I'm considering and I'm seeing where I can best meet their needs just as well as mine are met. I'm hoping to find a good balance somewhere.

I want to feel as though I am contributing enough to earn a place to be there.
I want to feel as though I am a contributing member of the community.

But maybe what I need right now is solitude. Not a lot, but enough. Maybe I need some time alone. Maybe I need to be surrounded by people. Maybe I just need to breath.

My dear friend Hannah is here and the human who called me over to call this island home. It's wonderful to have her here.

We'll see what happens.
It could be a very, very curious summer.

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