Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Still Miss Her

It's a sunny Tuesday so I figure my blankets that I keep in Tobbit could use some airing out. I pulled out my technicolored quilt and that made me grin. I really like that quilt.

I gave it a shook and the sun shone down on it.

I carried it to the back deck of L'Abri and hung it out on the porch to freshen up. I looked closer at it and saw little stitches holding all the squares of fabric together. These weren't machine stitches. This quilt was handstitched.

I'm not sure if Grandma Hazel made this quilt or if my great-aunt did, but, that quilt certainly made me think of Grandma Hazel. And, in thinking about her, I began to cry.

And cry.

Because I miss that woman! I miss my Grandma. It's odd thinking of her as dead and I still have a hard time with getting it. I never really got closure with her death. There was no memorial service that I could attend (I was in Ukraine) and I didn't get to mourn with anyone else. It was just me on my own. I had friends, but no one that knew Grandma.

It's hard to let go and it's hard to move on. I don't cry every week, any more, but it's still a monthly occurrence. She was such an awesome woman! She was oh so lovely. I miss her.

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