Saturday, April 12, 2014

Koala Hug to the Log

You know where I've been. But today seemed good. Today I took steps in putting myself in the place that I might need to be to sort things out.

I started the morning with some life admin followed up with a chat with the neighbors across the street. I love neighbours. I made plans to go to church with them in the morning. They go to the same church my grandparents did and helped start the Canadian L'Abri (which I didn't know when I chose to go there).

The sun was out.
It's out now.
(don't ask why I'm inside writing)
It's blue.
I'm alive and right now, I'm glad of me.

Yesterday was a low. Today is a high. People, I promise I'll try and stable myself out soon.

One of the things, I am quite certain, that has been affecting me is lack of exercise. I'm used to dancing and walking around but, at L'Abri, life can get immobile. I hiked a mountain twice one week and then, the next week, I twisted my ankle. Since then, it's been bruised and swollen (we're on week 3 or 4 of the twisted ankle). This certainly doesn't help.

To get my blood flowing again, my bike is best. When I ride Silas, I feel jubilant. When I feel my muscles start to burn as I push myself faster, I grin. Sunglasses on. Wind blowing.

I like biking in dresses. I like the way it feels.
No spandex for this human.

I went to the mechanic to pick up Silas. They were super sweet and their estimate was $40 more than what I actually had to pay. Great service, I was grateful.

On the way to the trail, I stopped by Grandfather's and visited with him at her adult family care facility for a bit. I had printed out pictures of Alaska, L'Abri and, and my travels abroad and we looked at them together. It was good to catch up with him. I love that man - Warren Wilson.

I rode onto the Burke Gilman and felt immediately calm but exhilarated. I love that trail. I've spent so many hours, road so many miles, had so many conversations on it. If any place in Seattle feels like home, it's that trail. Can a trail be home? Maybe it's just a sign that I'm home.. but I'm not. But I am.

As I was biking, I had the thought, "I'm going to go visit the Burke's..." and exactly as I was entertaining that thought, there on the trail was Mr. Burke! We caught up quickly before carrying on our separate ways.

I made it to Log Boom where I found a small little beach to the side, small enough to be considered private. There was a log and I laid on it, hugging it like a koala, and soon found myself asleep by the lake, surrounded by trees.

When I woke up, there in my sideways vision was a man flying in the air... I think. He was spinning and twirling around on the water. Then I could see clearer that there were jets of water coming out from his feet propelling him across Lake Washington. I let myself watch for a while.

Biked back to Tobbit.

Afternoon settled. Time for the evening events.

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  1. Magi! You are now back in Seattle then?! I was trying to figure out where you headed after your time in L'Abri, and I am glad I thought to look at your blog. My dad did not mention that he saw you on the trail! When are you going to make that visit to the Burkes? Or maybe I can come to visit you... Hope to see you so soon! Much love, Hannah


Your words make me grin.

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