Thursday, April 10, 2014

Learning to Run Errands in an Automobile When an Ankle is Twisted

I arrived in Seattle, Washington, from Bowen Island, British Columbia, yesterday.
"Welcome home."
My parent's home.

But it still feels like home the way an old bedroom should. I spent the night in my father's bed (he's in Las Vegas for a National Broadcasters Association convention) going to bed at 9:30 PM and getting up at 11:00 AM.

After a few months at L'Abri, I leave with the feeling of utter exhaustion. I don't know what it was or what did it (ok, so I have some ideas). The day term ended, I got sick. I'm always amused at how the body can hang out on getting sick until it knows you're ready for it. The day my duties were done, I was sick...

but still had to drive for three hours to get to Seattle. I know that doesn't sound like a long distance, but I'm still a brand new driver. On top of that, I was tired from the night before when Tim and I had missed the last ferry and got home late so I had to get up early to do all of my packing.

Sick. Tired. Driving.
To Mukilteo to work on Tobbit.
Thursday morning -- good morning Seattle!

I still felt cruddy, but also knew I had to start getting things done in preparation for the next mini-chapter of 2014 (it involves an island). I only got a license the day before I left Seattle and only had experience driving while on Bowen Island. This was my first day to ever run errands in Seattle.

Before, what I would do is bike, walk, and bus around. It would work, yes, but it would take hours longer than I would want it to.

In this case, I wouldn't be able to get around by those means. I have a twisted, swollen, bruised ankle that I still can't really use. It's frustrating. While I still would love to walk, I truly ought not.

My first errand to run was to use Tobbit to drive Silas down to the bike mechanic. Silas is my bicycle.

I got him back in 2010 from my employer. He got me everywhere, to Seattle and back and Woodinville and back and all around. Love that bike. The thing is, just about everything is wrong with him. I just wanted him to work. I just want to have a bike to ride.

"What do you think it would cost to get him riding again?" I asked.
The young man took Silas to the back and made a list of everything it would take. Some he said needed to be done, other things weren't all too important. Collectively, it came out to be not too much. It was enough cash that I wasn't thrilled, but it was less than it would cost to get another bicycle. I'd rather invest into a bicycle I already have. I like Silas. If it was a couple hundred, I wouldn't have gone for it, but it seemed worth it.

I just want a working bike, yo.

Where I think I'm heading, it will come in handy. I think I'll be four miles from town. Maybe 8. Both distances are very bike-able. I'd rather not come to rely on Tobbit and forget Silas.

I may, may have thought it was adorable that Tobbit was driving Silas around and I may have thought that they were like brothers helping each other out...

With Silas at the mechanic in Woodinville, I continued up the road to NAPA auto where I got to try and get myself a new alternator - the old one doesn't work. I smiled, wore a dress, and spoke Russian... they're doing what they can to talk to the men up top to get Tobbit running. Really sweet folks!

After that, I went to Target in search of underwear. I wandered the store, a bit shell-shocked, for 20 minutes and left with nothing. I took refuge at Molbaks, the gardening and flower store and sniffed and sniffed.

I crossed from Woodinville to Mountlake Terrace to buy some tabs for Tobbit (more dollars...) and then traveled to Carole's home to try and deliver the flowers. I napped in the back of Tobbit for an hour, hoping she would come home. She didn't.

When I got back to the home of my parent's, there was a message on the answering machine from Carole asking if I was home. If I had a mobile, I guess this could've worked out differently, but I still feel fine about not having one.

I felt sleepy, sick, and tired.

Dad came home! It was good to see him.
Carole and Milo came over. That was lovely.
It was Milo's birthday.

I met Milo on the bus. I met Carole before I even knew I was meeting people.

They brought me cute packages of tissue for my cold, a mug, a tea pot, and dinosaur tickets and we hung out, caught up, and felt tired.

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  1. Got caught up on the last four or five entries. Thankssss it was kind of like getting in a time machine and going back to last week, which wasn't too bad of an experience. I'm going to keep reading this; your words make me grin.

    P.S. Yesterday I went into two stores of the TJ Max family and had probably the same feeling you got in Target.


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