Friday, April 25, 2014

Location Options on Day Four on Lopez Island

When I do a downdowndown post, I like to try and follow it up when things upswing, which they generally always do. Hopefully do. Not always do.

But today they did within two hours of the post.

I'll avoid going into the topic of writing about "my time of the month." Spare you that. Although.. although.. nevermind.

Just went to talk to a future family I could nanny for. It was excellent and left me with a huge grin. Awesome family.

They're currently building their home out in the south end. I think it looks like a castle. One of the rad things to note is that one of the reasons they'll be redoing their ceilings completely, changing them to vaulted, is so that the dad can do his juggling.

They have this huge piece of land with nooks and crannies I was told a Tobbit would fit in. They've got outhouses, a sauna, an outdoor kitchen, and a mud hut. It was the mud hut, I was told, that would be available to me (very likely) in October if I chose to stay on the island.

A mud hut in the fall sounds very, very attractive.

As much as I like Tobbit, I think I'd get stir crazy trying to live in him on my own during the rainy season on a dark island. Could I do it? Yes. Will I? No idea.. the fall is in 4-5 months.

The beautiful thing is that home/settling places are starting to appear and I'm grateful for that.
The lovely thing is that my home can go with me wherever I go. I can change locations every night and still have my home just as it was at the last location. Good ol' Tobbit.

So - locations! What are they?

Location Option #1 - With Hannah, Martha, and John

Wonderful loving family and reason I'm here on Lopez. I adore these folks!

The reason why I'm hesitant to live here is because it's sort of like having parents and I want to see Hannah regularly, but I'd be nervous about living with her. Living with a dear friend can end either in a positive or negative way. I don't want to risk the negative. I think I'd also end up eating a lot of their food and not be self sufficient as I desire to be.

It's also a bit far from town.

But they rock and I'll be visiting very often and probably spending at least 4 nights a month here.

Location Option #2 - F. Farm

Farm in the very center of the island. Location is ideal. There's a place outdoors to use the restroom (buckethuzzah!). Beautiful. Community is to be found there and lots to be done.

I'm hesitant to live here because I just finished living in intense community and need a break from it. I also think I'll frequently feel guilty for not helping enough and spend a lot of energy with personal, emotional interactions. I want community but I want community that is within reach that I can go call upon and vice versa. I don't know if I'm mentally in the right place to be here.

Location Option #3 - South End with I, G, and their Goats

On the South end there is a family that graciously offered me a place to park Tobbit. They have a outhouse available to me and a sauna. In exchange for being there, I can help with the garden and milking the goats.

I'm hesitant because of location. I still have to check it out.

Location Option #4 - Berta

Rad, vibrant Christian woman with a loving heart and a pool! Met her and she said I could always park on her land. I haven't explored this idea much. Maybe I should.

Location Option #5 - This One Place

Hannah is looking into it. Someone she knows has a lot of land.

Location Option #6 - Summer House

These folks have a summer home they're not at. Hannah is looking into it.

Location Option #7 - By the Green Barn

Family I'll be nannying for. I could exchange childcare for living on their land. Has potential to become a fall/winter home in a mud hut. Level headed fun family. I'd have my own space and access to water and an outhouse. Only drawback is the location, 10 miles from town. I like the idea of doing childcare for a place to park, though. That's a great trade.

Location Option #8 - Sperry Peninsula with Paul Allen

Today I stumbled upon Paul Allen's peninsula. The man bought all of Sperry Peninsula. He said that me and Tobbit are welcome to park on his land all I like since he's rarely there. This isn't the house. I'm guessing it might be the pool since it's right by the tennis courts (thank you Google Maps). The house is this huge thing on another part of the island.

It was a sweet offer but I turned him down. He lives to far from town.

And that's what I can remember and recall at the moment.

So there are places to go, and I'm grateful for that.
I am grateful to be here.

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