Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nettle Ceiling

I'm currently living on F.Farm and part of that involves contributing, how I can, to the daily work that it takes to keep things running and produce the food that we consume.

This morning, after breakfast, DaYvis said he had a few bags of freshly gathered nettles to hang up.

I was pretty elated.
I like those nettles.
I like their smell, their taste, and the way they make my legs not do weird things like feel crazy at three o' clock in the morning.

I like them in blanched, dried, in tea, soup, and juice.
As for the health benefits, they're numerous. Just a simple Google search will set you up. This isn't just a folk remedy.

Turns out we have room for more to dry so we might try and gather some today or tomorrow.

Oh man. You guys. This room smells so good now.

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