Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stranger's Comments on Tobbit

When on the road, I get a lot of *thumbs up* from folks and every time I park, an old man thinks I want to have a conversation with him about my truck...

"Is that a Volkswagen?"
"Yes -- it says so right on the back and front."

"What does it get for gas mileage?"
"32 mpg"
"Shouldn't it get 40?"
"There's a huge thing on the back."
"Oh.. you need to build it different."

"What year is that?"

"Is that diesel?"

"Did you know those are rare?"

"I didn't know Volkswagen made trucks."
"They do."

"Do you want to sell it?"
"This is my home."

"I need to make one of these things for myself."
"Yes, you do."

"Where did you get it?"

"This thing is built like a boat!"

"Does it leaks?"
"Yeah. Yeah it does. I'm working on it.'

"You must have driven everywhere with it."
"I just got my license two months ago."

That's about it...

Tomorrow I leave for the island where I'll be giving a go at living on for a bit.

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