Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunset at Sharkreef

I was told that dinner was 7 PM at the house, but things turned to things and I missed the memo that was never sent (all cleared up in the morning).

So what to do with a Friday night when it's dinner time and you're on your own?

I headed out in Tobbit and saw the sun setting and sprinted for it full speed.

Catch the sun before it falls!

I made it to the woods just in time and hobbled my way down to the water. I was grateful for boots that kept my feet dry as I glopped through the inevitable Cascadian mud. I had the New Yorker tucked under one arm (nothing says, "Out for a sunset on the beach!" like reading the New Yorker) and my camera in the other.

The trees started to glow and I wanted to breath in... which is stupid because I don't think you can breath in the glows of trees.

I could just see the sun coming down behind the clouds, just in time.

I planned on reading or something but I ended up on a rock instead. Sun went down. Another sun set. Bang. Pretty thing.

And I felt alright. Maybe that's what I needed of this Friday night. Maybe I needed to lay on a rock and feel sideways and swallow glowing trees and think with a hopefully-clearing head.

Thank you, Salish Sea... although I'm disappointed I didn't see any sharks.

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