Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Giant Wave, Whitney, and her Dog, Stella

Easter weekend was spent on the Oregon coast with Ian, Whitney, Rachel, and Scott - a jaunty crew of folks whom I was altogether, for the most part, unfamiliar with. Amusing humans.

Easter Sunday came and it was time for us to check out of the campground and set out for the back-home-place that some of us had and others of us sort of pretended we had (ok, just me).

Departure coincided with low-tide and we decided to go check out the tide-pool scene of Lincoln City, Oregon.

The ocean is amazing. Mind-blowing. Power and huge and vast until what seems like forever. It goes on and on and there is no safety net to it. If you end up in the wrong place, you're screwed. You're toast. BAM! OCEAN ALWAYS WINS! And in all of that, there's a beauty and a peace.

Waves towered over the world in the distance at a height that I can't even convey through a photograph. Big things. Big waves.

We were hopping from rock to rock, admiring the ocean as it pulled back and form, from shore and way out again.

And then the ocean decided to strike at a strength and power that we were not expecting. Everyone ran..

But if you look behind Scotta dn Ian, in those photographs, you can see one human lingering behind. That's Whitney.

And to the left of her, you can see Stella, her dog.
Stella got stuck on a rock.

After the ocean surged in, it was time for it to pull back. At first, Whitney wanted Stella to come to her, but then realized that the ocean, if Stella started to swim, would pull her out to sea.

"STAY! STAY!" we yelled at the hound dog.

When the water level lowered enough, Stella met her pup in the middle, wading through the still pretty intense foamy sea-water.

Good dog, Stella.

Ian and I took advantage of this moment to take a self portrait.

Hoorah! The ocean!

We then stood on the rocks and laughed and watched as other folks were caught unaware. There is nothing predictable about the ocean. If the waves were coming fast and they were oblivious, we would yell at them.

And then they would.

All ended well... although Tobbit got stuck on the beach. Then five men pushed him a few feet till he could drive on his own.

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