Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evening Steamboat Ride

Last night, after an eight-hour work day, I decided to go to the boat launch at Mackaye Harbor to write some letters and postcards (2 letters and 6 postcards are being sent out today). This is one of my favourite corners of Lopez Island as someone in the community has made the beach there very accommodating. There are plastic lawn chairs and a picnic table complete with geraniums growing in an old oil tin.

Just as I had finished a letter to Felicia, in chugged a little steam boat.

It was adorable. It was lovely. It made my mind whirl about.

The captain came on to shore and asked, "Is that your rig up there?"
"Tobbit? Yeah!" I replied, and that's how I met M.

After a brief chat, he asked if I wanted to go for a ride... oh man.. did I? Yes!

Without hesitation I left all of my belongings scattered on the picnic table (it had been a banana-beer dinner, but not mixed together) and climbed aboard. He put some wood in the stove, started the engine with a brush of the foot, and off we went!

He showed me where he checked on the pressure and explained how it all worked. I was completely infatuated with his boat, so sweet, so lovely. Lately I've been day dreaming a bit more than usual about boats. I read about them, look at them, do little bits of research (not much). I'm trying to squelch this dream and say, "You have Tobbit, you have Tobbit." I think it's a long distant dream.

In the midst of all of this dreaming, though, to go for a steam boat ride was absolutely wonderful.

Grateful to M for welcoming me aboard his boat.
After we got back to shore, I couldn't write any more. I was a bit to jubilant to scrawl out words on paper.

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