Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Highlights from Victoria 2014

Here are some highlights from my time in Victoria on Vancouver Island up in British Columbia.

Each time I write "her," I'm likely referring to Liz. She's the awesome gal I shared a room with earlier this year at L'Abri.

Seeing postcards on her wall that I had sent her, as well as postcards that Tucker sent her. Hanging my underwear to dry on her wall and seeing it leave a print.

Seeing Neil Gaiman on her shelf and reading it till I fell asleep.

Her family...

Biking around downtown Victoria.

Monster-sized sandwiches at the Red Barn where they don't skimp on veggies if you ask for, "all of them."

Going to the beach at Whitty's Lagoon with E and K. We saw a giant purple starfish.

Fighting off "sun headaches" with This American Life.

Skyping with Tim and listening to Liz read us both a bedtime story.

The 151st annual Victoria Highland Games! I only cried 6 times... the bagpipes will do that to you.

 More running around Victoria and meeting Phil.

Biking to and from Victoria from Sidney.

Seeing so, so many sailboats out on the water when coming back to the San Juan Islands on the ferry from Vancouver Island.

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  1. I like this! Tim looks like a brooding poet/model. Phil looks like a total spaz. I guess you capture things pretty well.


Your words make me grin.

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