Friday, May 16, 2014

The Magically Appearing Box of Marine-Tex Epoxy Putty

"Every time I see your little boat on wheels in town, I get this warm feeling," the vibrantly dressed man told me over a giant bowl of guacamole.

And somehow he had heard that Tobbit leaks occasionally. He explained it was probably because of the expanding and contracting of the wood and plexi-glass with different temperatures that was causing it to crack. I told him I'd been putting epoxy on it when I found a crack. He told me that was a good way to deal with it.

"I've got some epoxy putty I could give you," he told me.

It was going to expire before he had a use for it.

"I'll put it in my truck and next time I see Tobbit, I'll leave it there for you."
I thanked him.

A few days later I was eating at a restaurant with Hannah, John, and Martha and after the meal, when I got back to Tobbit, there was a box of Marine-Tex® Epoxy Putty - putty gold. Legendary stuff. I just looked up the reviews online, seems like the world agrees.

I'm really grateful to Bosco for giving it to me. I put it on all of Tobbit's cracks and in a few weak spots.

I'm grateful to live in a community where little boxes of epoxy putty magically appear on my truck... well, not magically, just with a lot of kindness.

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Your words make me grin.

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