Friday, May 16, 2014

Victoria Encore :: Ian Cooper

We were walking right by the harbor when I saw the place.

"Down there there was a man, Ian, that did black and white posters," I said.

I first went to Victoria, BC, when I was 9 years old in 2000.

I also visited in 2001 and 200.

Yay for childhood scrapbooks!

Anyways, back in 2000, we were walking along the harbor at night when we saw this street artist, Ian Cooper of Transient Visions. His work caught my eye and I was quite, quite fond of it. I think it's worth checking out his page. I ended up buying one of his posters as my souvenir from Victoria.

Here I was in Victoria again and I remembered him, and his name, but couldn't imagine him still being there 14 years later. Still, as we went down the stairs towards the water I looked left and saw a bunch of black and white posters.

"Liz," I shouted out, as she had gone on ahead of me.
I signaled for her to come closer.
"He's here! That's him!"

And, sure enough, there was Ian Cooper. After quick introduction, I started to actually start to get to know the man who had drawn the poster that was on my wall for so many years. He's quite the remarkable figure - something of an inventor and repurposer.

I think we ended up sticking around for 30 minutes to an hour.

Dude! He was still there!

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  1. I am so surprised he was still there. BCH


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