Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bike to Sleep and Asthma Laughs

Pre-photo Note: These shots, from this evening, weren't edited at all - just shot through my sunglasses so you guys could see what I see. I wear shades more often than I'd like to because I get headaches from the sun easily after 30 minutes of direct exposure. Luckily, I found sunglasses that make things look super-cool. My friend, Chris, tried them on and said that it was like Instagram filter for reality (or something like that?) complete with scratches, fingerprints, and smudges.

Last night I slept horribly. I was in a luxurious bed, not Tobbit, in the upper attic-y space of a rad home in Bellingham, but sleep just wasn't happening. It took forever to fall asleep, I woke up for a few hours in the middle of it, and sleeping in wasn't option as I had breakfast plans with Patrick at 7 AM.

Tonight, I decided I didn't want to repeat last night's tossings so I did what I do when I want to sleep, I rode my bike.

My best night of sleep, last year, was after Brandon let me bike him around Boston, he was comfortable on the trailer and I got to try and tire myself out. I couldn't even make it through an entire Adventure Time episode before falling asleep.

When I've been moving all day, I sleep great, I feel great, voila! I guess I could make a connection there to the "H" of ADHD (hyperhyperhyperhyper) but I think this goes for all folks. We sleep well when we use our bodies. Pretty simple, eh? I didn't even have to write that sentence. I do want to write, though, that I don't think enough of us take advantage of this and go quickly to pills to induce sleep. I know some people have legit issues with falling asleep, but I think a lot of folks aren't giving their bodies the proper tools and rituals it needs to feel tired and go to sleep.

This morning I did get to walk 4ish miles, but beyond that, I was a bit stagnant (and sleepy) so an evening ride was appropriate. An hour would be the minimum - and enough to get me hooked and riding around longer (which always happens).

Long underwear, egg dress, flannel - set, go.

I think I'm falling in love with this island. Seeing it never, never gets old. Going into town is still considered a treat. The fields aren't yet familiar, still sights that I get excited about. I counted the cars as I biked around the rural roads - 85% of them were trucks. There were also a few tractors.

I reached the 30 minute mark and turned around, but this time, ended up weaving myself into a different corner of the island and down by an old dock. I let myself breath and appreciate where I was... which I guess I did the entire bike ride - maybe I should delete this sentence?

Back home, I ate the fresh green stuff.

I'm rawther consistently trying to work on my lungs or whatever it is. I have a stupid thing called "exercise induced asthma." I guess exercising more won't change my body's reaction to exercise, but I like to think I can change it. See, when I physically exert myself, my lungs create extra mucus-ish stuff and I start hacking and I have a really hard time catching my breath. It's nothing awful - I just can't push my limits like I might want to. I've learned how to ride without hacking - I've learned how much my lungs can take.

The other thing that triggers my asthma is laughing - good belly laughs. If you make me laugh hard enough, I'll end up coughing for the next 10-30 minutes. It's not a common experience, but I'm always amused when it happens.

Well, it's getting late and, as it turns out, the biking thing worked... I feel zonked already.

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  1. oh yes, gold tinted sunglasses. must be gold tinted. any other shades just make me nauseous.


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