Monday, June 2, 2014

Clean and Romping

Life currently is going so, so right, that I wonder when things will go wrong.

Today was one of those days that made me think, "Is this really my life?"

Like when I was hanging out in Tobbit and a tractor backed in right next to it and a man asked if I wanted to join a couple folks for a steam bath.

Do I want to take a steam bath?
Yes! Always, always.

The official day started at 9 AM when I started nannying S (age 3) and R (age 14 months, I think). I love those tots.

We walked over to Blackie Brady where a blanket was laid on on the small beach and I read the the Wind in the Willows to them. S listened intently, inquisitively asking about the badger, as R would sprawl out in my lap and give me the sweetest looks. We ate cheese, crackers, and grapes filled with sand and life was just good.

On the walk home, S still wanted me to read him the Wind in the Willows so I read on as we strolled. A man stopped us and showed us a candid picture he had taken of us as we walked (he knows the boys), all in our sunhats.

Back at home, R napped for the next few hours as S and I read some more, played with Legos, danced a ton to banjo music, went sledding in the grass, played in the sand, wacked the bushes with sticks, and ran around here and there in their giant yard.

At the end of my 8-hour work day, I was handed a can of sockeye that the father-unit had caught.


It was when I was back at home that the tractor pulled up.

The steam bath was amazing, as steam baths always are.

I had been trying to figure out how to get a wash in that day. I knew that steambaths were usually taken on Sunday, but didn't want to wait until then to get clean as my body was almost to the itchy-state.

Folks, I love taking showers and steam baths with other humans. I really do. I started in Alaska in the morning with the old ladies and have since been comfortable with it. Few things beat bathing with others, I think.

After eating, there was a celebration which, I wish I could convey here, but I can't really. It was a family gathering and I felt totally blissed out and blessed to be there, a part of it all. I felt so welcome, so included. At one point, I left for a second to go to Tobbit and get something. I guess I took a while because all of a sudden, through the woods and down the path I hear a loud, "MAY-GGEEEEE!" as they called out my name. I ran back and we all held hands and were grateful for the meal.

I have a lot to be grateful for.


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