Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Daily Life Feels Like Camping

Here's a snippet from Facebook-life.
I normally don't like to be on Facebook while I'm on the island, but this week I had a few connections to work out and Facebook made that simple and possible.
Something that means a bounty to me is that I have a cluster of friends of all ages that are supportive in what I do - my life which doesn't currently resemble the 10-year plan they had me create for myself when in high school (Columbia University with an economics degree).
A lot of the folks who commented were adults around my parent's age - folks who have watched me grow up. I think they see the bigger picture a bit better than I do, so when they send me encouragement, it kind of like if someone who had finished the race was running along side me and saying, "You got this. You're doing ok." I know they're still running the bigger race, but they all have certainly finished the one that spans the 20s, 30s, and early 40s.
This morning I woke up to nanny (7 hour day) to discover that the family had to make an emergency trip off island (I think everything is ok). First, I hope they're alright. Second, that comes to about half of what I was going to make this week... which is sort of disappointing. Ok, it's quite disappointing. But, eh, I guess I can work, personally, on other things. I did some clogging and dancing after breakfast and topped it off with some basic stretching. Now, I'll let my fingers type away and sort through the backlog of thoughts that accumulated on yesterday's rides.

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