Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dancing Without a Scene

This isn't how I dance... but if someone wanted to dance this way, that'd be ok.
I currently live on an island - there's not really a dance community here to connect with.
I like dancing.
My ankle is starting to be strong enough to be able to dance again (something I celebrate daily).

Therefore, I get to solo jam all the time by myself (unless I have a lead-capable guest).

It's not the same, but it still gets me pretty giddy in a different sort of way.

Dancing is alone is something I've blogged about before. It's been a huge part of my life for a while (going on 18 years) and how I get out a lot of my wiggles and shakes. It's normally a morning (or afternoon or night) affair and it helps me thrive.

Lately, I've been getting a kick out of fusion and seeing where I can take it. With fusion I can call on any number of dance styles and use them together in a song. The fusion scene in Seattle is pretty blues-heavy (and also has a lot of clueless novice dancers who don't have any sort of dance-background base to fusion-with, which is why I tend to avoid that scene) and that's what I've been having fun with.

What happens if I fuse the dancing I did in the late 90s with that of the past few years?

When I first started dancing, it was with square dancing in '97. I square danced competitively for over a decade. Whereas some folk start social dancing in their 20s, my folks started me when I was seven and I'm grateful for that.

Later on, I learned any other dance someone in a barn would do. I was line dancing, two-stepping, waltzing and clogging.

So I've been taking this foundational dances I learned and fusing them with alt-blues or simple-jive or lindy or whatever comes to mind.

Crikey, it's fun and sort of hilarious.

Clogging with a loose, grounded blues form makes me grin.

There are tap instructors on Lopez and I'm thinking of contacting them about lessons. That would be great.

Goodness, this makes me happy.
This morning, I'm dancing to some cello music... I just found a mash-up of one of my favourite songs (Gabriel's Oboe from the Mission - usually I listen tot he Yo-Yo Ma version) with one of my favourite hymns (How Great Thou Art). I listen to both frequently alone, but now I have mix of the two done on the cello and it's making so much in me feel so many things.

Here's the mash-up. Please, please listen to it if you like pretty music:

Here's the version of Gabriel's Oboe I like:

Remember that time in '06 when the Texan internet-man who read my blog and saw my YouTube videos bought me two tickets to see Yo-Yo Ma in concert in Seattle because he knew I really, really wanted to go? Thanks Chuck! Hope you are well.

And finally we have How Great Thou Art performed by Chris Rice:

I've listened to this song over 978 times. This number is a combination of calculations and iTunes "Times Played" records. I listened to this album every single night for a few years.

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