Monday, June 2, 2014

Free Showers

Caper and the Free Shower
I feel mighty proud to live in a town that offers free showers.

In the very, very center of town there are a set of restrooms and a set of showers. All are free (although they ask for a $2 donation that can be inserted into a slot in the wall).

I think this is rad.

When you live in a not-in-a-house-thing manner, showers can sometimes be one of the trickier things to manage. Showers are sort of what you need (at least once every two weeks) to blend into society.

Our town doesn't have a pool. We do have a marina with a shower...

Anyways, I was pleased to explore this shower, today. Baby C helped. When I walked inside, I discovered a nice sized room with a shower that didn't need money to run. If I needed to, I knew I could just walk in and shower.

Quite lovely.

Well done, Lopez, well done.
This is a mighty fine thing you have here.

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