Friday, June 13, 2014

Life Looks Like This

Today looked like this...

5:30 AM - Awake.

Beach walk by Paul Allen's peninsula.
Cook up eggs on the porch.
Tea from wildcrafted nettles and yarrow and purchased roasted dandelion root and fresh ginger.
Help rescue a goat from wire.
Milk said goat.
Eat puffed millet with fresh goat milk.
Read and drink the tea.
Dance and laugh around with Baby R.
Walk 3 miles till Baby R is asleep.
Write out thoughts in the lawn.
Salmon lunch.
Play cello.
To the library for reconnections via email.
Swimming with S & R.
Community celebration at Odlin Park.
Mom asks if I like babies and hands me her 6-week old son for a good while.
Back to library.

And the day will likely end in the garden, another bike ride, and maybe I'll get to see Hannah.

[update: as it turns out, I did go get vegetables from the garden and Hannah came and sat with me in Tobbit and braided my hair - asleep by 10:15 PM]

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