Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Megan :: Visitor #6

Photos are by Megan unless she's in them.. then she didn't take them.
Megan came! She came!

Megan has been a sort of rock in my life for the past couple years. Some of my longest conversations happen with her about the deepest topics - the sort of topics that makes me feel vulnerable and small so I can only have them with people I trust.

Normally, we meet on her turf at her home in Seattle (because my turf is rarely convenient to get to or nonexistant), so it was a special occasion for me to be able to host her on Lopez Island.

I had to wait a bit to write this out because things didn't go 100% smooth - which is 100% ok. This is something I like about friendships, things don't always go how you think they will. But in this, we get to grow and learn, even more so, how rad the other person is as there's the give and take and the moments where you're like, "Oh man... I totally get it, now."

I wanted to wait because with time comes a bigger perspective.

There isn't too much to write about, here, because we ended up working through it all and I don't think it's something I should put on a blog. I will note, though, that communication happens so much more magically when folks are well rested and fed. Novel, eh?

Miss Manners certainly would've had a lot to critique when it comes to my developing hospitality-skills. This isn't me being overly harsh on myself, it's me being honest. Hospitality comes naturally to some but, for a lot of us, it's something that has to be worked on and developed.

So grateful that she came out.
So grateful she took the time to drive out to catch the ferry and spend time in the little corner of the world I now call home.
So grateful for an afternoon in the sun and warm breezes and majestic views.
So grateful for someone honest and rad.

Thanks for coming, Megan.


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