Sunday, June 15, 2014

Patos Island & the Lighthouse

This blog post could very well just be pictures and that would tell just about the entire story.

This past weekend, I had the honour of being a volunteer docent at the Patos Island Lighthouse.

Patos Island is a wee-lil' island in the San Juans - the most northern of them all. No one lives there but, if you have some form of aquatic transportation, you can visit.

There's an old lighthouse (from 1893, or so) there, that we try to keep open on the weekends. It isn't within anyone's budget to pay folks to keep it open, so they do it through volunteers. I saw an ad on the local message board and decided it would be worth a shot.

What an opportunity!

Early on Saturday morning, we caught one of the first ferries to Orcas Island, drove to the Eastsound and then more north, and found the Ranger Steve. Ranger Steve took us in his nifty park service boat across the Salish Sea, past Sucia Island, and onwards to the island that would host us for the weekend.

It's an island with a few toilets, a lighthouse... and that's it. No energy ('cept the solar power that is connected to the battery that runs the light on the lighthouse), no running water, no homes. There are, however, some awesome trees, seals, birds, rocks...

I'm not even sure if it's worth typing any more words after that...
the set of photographs I'm about to present start with my time on Ian on Lopez - after the ferry trip shots, you'll know you're on Patos.

Looking across the Straight of Juan de Fuca at the beach we grew up playing at on Lopez Island.
Yarrow for tea.
Early morning ferry with goat kefir.
He's really into drawing grass right now.
Cleaning up the lighthouse.
"Pink Panther Pooping"
There used to be a set of traveling libraries that went from lighthouse to lighthouse that were portable bookshelves contained within a wooden suitcase.
Wild sockeye caught by a neighbour-friend on Lopez.

There are still more pictures...

Campsite 7
Ian - not too sure about vegan sausage...


  1. This place looks magical. I love the offshore islands of Maine and these photos remind me of my time there!


Your words make me grin.

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