Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Patrick Encore

Back in 2010 I met a guy in the woods in Olympia, his name was and still is Patrick. We ran through the forest, I lost the keys that went to no where, and then went back to his barn and that was that.

This film was made back in July 2010 during my first time to Olympia to visit Joelle. Patrick jumps in around :59.

Now, for the past four years, he continues to waltz in and out of my life, and I in his, at convenient intervals that consistently keep me grateful to know this human.

As I write this, I'm listening to the music that was made in the barn that year with the likes of PB & J and in the company of folks like Moses, Raya, and Joelle. Listening to it, right now, is like being handed a thick slice of bread with a mondo-slice of butter slathered all over it. You can listen too right here. The song that makes me feel most nostalgic is Everything is Aeroplane! and I think I might be singing in the chorus of You're Going to Break My Heart.

Listening to it makes me sort of feel as I felt in those moments - and it's a sensation I don't mind attempting to replicate for a few seconds.

The last time I saw Patrick was back in October 2012 during a short trip to the lower 48 that I made during my time in Alaska. It was then that I got that tattoo that still is on my foot (funny how they just stay there.. and stay there...).

So now, I've known this fellow for four years - a solid four years.

After two years absence, I'm generally quite curious in how my friends are doing. I simple hopes of growth and love for them - desiring the proper stretching and a sense of purpose.

Just in case you were wondering, world, Patrick is, from what I gather, doing great. He's still of the finest character and a reliable, solid human - as loving as ever. I can genuinely say that he's one of the most selfless guys I know.

We met up at 7 AM.
7 AM?
But... but.. why?

 Because.. because... it's a good time to eat breakfast. Patrick had to work that morning and I had a ferry to catch, so it worked out. The bonus is that we're both early-birds - not a frequent occurrence, in my observances.

He took me out to a rad café in Bellingham after a short walk when we learned that it wouldn't open until 7:30 AM.

There was a lot to catch up on - he's currently got a swell, loving partner which is something worth celebrating. I don't want to go on too much of his life because that seems a bit personal. I'm hoping they'll come visit me soon on Lopez.

Ahoy! This is why I'm trying to be in Washington a bit. These folks matter to me, a lot. Folks like Patrick, Megan, Joelle, Phoenix, Orange, Caper, Strangely, Carole, Carole, Carole, and my family. I feel so blessed to be in a place where I can spend time with them and, hopefully with some, slip into a rhythm of getting closer and beyond just catching up each time I see 'em. It's pretty convenient.

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