Sunday, June 15, 2014

PC, O, and Baby C :: Visitors #3, 4, & 5

For three days, I had the honour of hosting dandy-lil family - two sister-folk and the son of the eldest.

I got the email a bit before they arrived. I was told that they were visiting the island and the folks who own the property I park on said I could have visitors. Score.

By bike they arrived, PC and O with Baby C in tow. They came in and brought a lot of fresh-lovelyness with them. By that I was trying to relay the idea that they were refreshing people and that I enjoyed their company.

I last saw Baby C when he was just a few weeks old. At this point, he's becoming quite expressive and has an impressive vocabulary that he uses to articulate clear thoughts... "Water? Water? Water."

For our full day together, we biked into town for lunch and biked back --- which pretty much constitutes as a full day, right? As always, getting out on the road with a few other folks made me grin a lot. I like biking, but I especially like biking with other folks.

We started off the day by heading to Watmough - just a few miles from my home.

Then, did the rest of the 9-10 miles into town where there was dancing, green grass, naps, and the dump.

Collectively, and in lots of little parts, a lovely, lovely time. Nearly full-sun and fine company. Grateful to have been able to spend time with these folks.

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