Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Smashing Tobbit's Caddy Shack

One of the horrible things about learning to drive in your home is that, as a new driver, if you screw up, you're homeless.

It was only 3 months ago, or so, that I got my license as a human who is 23 years old. The next day I drove a few hundred miles (or less or more?) up to Canada. Then I drove around an island before hopping down. A week or so later I drove 640 miles in a weekend.

I'm not exactly good at working into things - tend to just sort of dive in with everything.

Anywas, I'm still a baby driver - less experience than many humans who are 17 years of age. Because of this, I still have a propencity to error... I lack the whole feeling it takes to manuever a car.

I do fine on the road - I feel safe and confident, but I still don't have the spacial awareness, always.

One of the problems I have with Tobbit is that he has this overhang in the back - it sticks out awkwardly and likes to bang into poles more often than I would like to admit (twice, ok -- just twice).

Most nights, I park in a space that I have to back into.
Today, I screwed up.

In front of the cabin-shack, there is a deck held up by poles.

Tobbit's overhang hit one of those poles (the poles of the cabin are totally, completely fine).

Luckily, I was only going about 2 miles per hour, super super slow -- but, still, Tobbit's lil' Caddy Shack is fragile. It's just plywood and is no match to force - so it broke.

Tobbit's now a bit broken.

It's nothing horrible, nothing in the main structure (thank goodness!) but, it's still something I need to fix. Luckily I know a woodworker on the island and I've been told to ask if I ever need help with anything. I think I'll verbalize this need. Luckily, I have more paint. Luckily, the overhang is there so the shelter itself is in tact - this is mainly cosmetic (although I fear rotting, if I let it get wet over and over).

Maybe I'll learn some new wood-skills while repairing this bit of Tobbit.

Gah. It was inevitable... maybe? Maybe not? I try not to be careless...

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