Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Strangely :: Visitor #7

"The police came by at Two, and stayed to join the party. Mack took their squad car to go get more wine. A woman called the police to complain about the noise and couldn't get anybody."

This week I got visited by Strangely - a sir I met a few days after Christmas at a friend's birthday jubilation last year.

This human who managed to peak my curiosity also managed to conjure up a few days to come to Lopez in the midst of their near-consistently-busy life.

He also quickly learned how to be a forever-welcome guest - he read to me.

1 jar of goat milk per day
What I didn't know about Strangely when he arrived (ok, so I didn't really know anything at all other than that he plays the accordion and wears a onesie) is that he [seems to] always have a book within reach and is always ready to start reading it at any moment. It was terribly convenient. During his time here, a few times I got called away to check on things (or to pretend I was on a spaceship) and he would just pull out his book and read. At first I thought, "Am I that dull?" and then I got the notion that maybe this is just what he does. He doesn't wait to be entertained, quite self-contained.

In the line, waiting for the ferry to Anacortes, he started reading to me from John Steinbeck's Cannery Row. One of my favourite things is getting read to. That's why I'm friends with folks like Hannah and love L'Abri in the winter/fall where we spend many hours just reading to each other by the fire. Andrew used to read to me Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle when we first got to Haines.

Over the course of his time on Lopez, he would read and every once and a while, he'd read out a chapter to me -- 'cept at the end of the book, he read it all out loud on the porch while sitting in the rocking chair. I was pretty blissed out.

Being around someone who read a lot wore off on me. A few months ago, Tucker sent me a copy of East of Eden, also by Steinbeck. I read a bit of it and accidentally left my copy in Portland. After Strangely's departure, I went to the library, got that book, started in the very beginning (it's a pretty good place to start, don't you think?) and soon passed where I had last left off.

I was also pleased at punch with the jam sessions we had at the parks and beaches around the area. The cello and accordion got dragged along to every beach, hike, and park we went to and I had the pleasure of discovering he's more musically inclined than I was aware of.

Grateful to have started to get to know this human.

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