Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ticket Bought :: Onwards to Alaska!

Haines, Alaska last October, 2013
Just bought a one-way ticket to Haines, Alaska and I am so, so stoked. Super stoked. Probably more stoked than I am about a lot of things like rubber stamps, Scotch tape, and pouring Jell-o into my bellybutton.

I'm not going back to work and I'm not going back to stay, but I am going back for however long it takes for me to reconnect with that community and spend time with some of the people I love. That's why I'm going back - because I miss the people and want to be with them.

It will be my third fall in a row to spend in Alaska (2012, 2013, 2014... yep, three years).

I made myself commit to being on Lopez Island for a full year (my bribe is a huge roadtrip at the end of the year), but, within that commitment I allowed myself a trip to Haines, Alaska for a bit. This year is about community and I can't let go of that community completely.

There are two exciting parts of this trip.

One is that I'll be in Haines in time for fish camp!

The second is that my parents will be taking the ferry up with me (68 hours) and spending a few nights in Haines. For the first time, I'll get to show my parents one of the places I've called home since I left theirs. I'll get to introduce them to the people who took me in and have been there for me when I needed family-like-love but was too far away to get a hug from Mom or Dad.

We depart Washington on September 5 and arrive on September 8, 11 days before my 24th birthday.

Just 73 days till departure from the Bellingham Ferry Terminal and 76 days till I'll be arriving in Haines.

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