Thursday, July 17, 2014

Angry Pirates, Pilgrims, And Horse-Eating-Babies

Miss M told me it was time for me to go to Pirate School. We were aboard our ship and, according to her, I was quite clueless on as how to feed a baby. She didn't quite approve of my methods of giving the bébé a horse to nom on.

As I made a mug of tea, M got to work making me a worksheet. She showed me into the classroom, had me take a seat, and then handed me the worksheet.

Questions included:

1. Name. (Margaret)
2. What to feed a baby. (Horses and Fingers)
3. Draw a ship.
4. What you look like captin.

I quickly got to work, scrawling out my answers. Turns out she is quite the accomplished artist (I say this in full sincerity - you should see her boat drawings!) and my sail-boat of half-circles and triangles weren't going to cut it. I swiftly got a well-deserved F.

I looked over my paper and then flipped to the back.

She exclaimed, "That's not a pirate! You look like an angry pilgrim!"

This set us both off into a few bouts of laughter.

Miss M and Lil' C are the latest duo of siblings I've had the honour of nannying on Lopez. Miss M is the eldest and has a spark to her, such a joy to interact with. We weave together games of make believe that almost always involve pirates and ferry. Last week we spent two hours on the beach. Lil' C plays along and toddles and bounces about with a sweet dose of baby-swagger that would make anyone's heart feel warm. They both are quick to giggle which always makes me laugh. I feel grateful to know that I'll get to see them at least once a week for the next while.

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