Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Back to Patos Island

I felt pretty blessed that going to Patos Island wasn't just a one-time event. In addition to my weekend in June with my brother, I also signed up for a weekend in July. I had thought that one of my "old" friends would be joining me there, but was honoured to have the company of two folks I've only known for about a month or so. Going over would be Jesse, Hans David, and I. I was super stoked for this crew because together we'd make a trio of musicians.

Armed with our instruments, we all jumped in Tobbit and caught the early morning ferry to Orcas where we drove up north to meet up with Ranger Steve who gave us a ride across the Salish Sea to Patos Island. Someone recently told me they don't like the name "Salish," which I found a bit sad. I think it's a beautiful word.

Once we got there, time slowed down, as it does, and we settled quickly into camp and the lighthouse. Instruments were uncased, music was made, books were read, tidepools explored, grapes eaten, and feet got dirty.

I was grateful to be in such fine company - I really enjoy spending time with Jesse and David, they're pretty solid folks who I can have a wide range of conversations with. These past few weeks, I've seen both of them multiple times each week, frequently for extended periods of time (and with the addition of Kiré, whom we all missed the entire time away) and gotten to know quite well. In a short amount of time we've become comfortable with each other in a typical summer-season-style. You know how summer friendships can go -- well, maybe you do. Maybe you don't. I feel safe with these humans and am slowly learning to trust them.


We each took on a meal. David was assigned to dinner. We ended up having a pot-full of a mixture of canned okra, canned spinach, canned chili, canned baked beans, dried instant beans, and... that's it. After a day of running around, we were all satisfied. For breakfast, I served up Field Roast sausages (vegan, but really good..) with eggs from Lopezian chickens, and avocado. Breakfast by Jesse was peanut butter, jelly, carrots, yoghurt covered pretzels, and all the leftover food we'd accumulated.

The highlight for me with this group was sunset when we all went to the lighthouse with our instruments to make music. I'd go on about what that was like but I think I've just about given up on describing jam sessions in words - it never comes out right.

Grateful for another weekend out on Patos Island.

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  1. This seems so wonderful. Wish I could jam! I love "Salish" also -- beats "Georgia" by a mile, if you ask me.


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