Friday, July 11, 2014

Do Slugs Make Your Lips Go Numb?

This post may or might not be an excuse to put up ten pictures of a slug I made acquaintances with the other evening.

Rumor is that if you lick a slug, your tongue will go numb.
I think it's just banana slugs.

The rumour was passed on to me at Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island near sundown last Sunday in the company of Jessamy, Sofia, Matt, Tim, Kate, Julia, and Hans David.

I went back to the trail to find one.
I found a big guy.
He was huge.
We shared a moment as he made his way along my sleeve.

But, well, I couldn't get myself to kiss him/her. No sir.
There was no consent, just silence.

Besides, I don't really like kissing. I tried it again recently for kicks and wasn't into it at all (luckily the person got consent first and was chill when I said, "Hey.. so... I actually don't want to do this," and respected that).

Anyways, the slug! The slug! He was pretty chill. He didn't hide his eyeballs and someone who knows slug-body-language said he was doing fine. He's used to slimeing up pine needles, so maybe my sweater was kinda luxurious for him.

I'd never spent this much time close to a slug before and I'd never realized how beautiful they can be.


  1. I've actually licked three slugs (two banana, one black.) And I have to say, it never worked for me.

    That is a handsome slug though; I might kiss it just because.

    1. He's on Bowen and waiting for you to kiss him. I told him you were coming.


Your words make me grin.

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