Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Water Bottle and Hot Water Tea

Yesterday I found myself feeling awful. It was a collision of cramps, sleep deprivation, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. I drove Tobbit to my favourite parking spot by the water, parked, and hopped into the back and curled up into a ball as I drifted into a nap while listening to my favourite soothing album.

I heard a familiar sound, that of my friend's motorcycle, and looked out the window as they drove by. About 5 minutes later I heard it again and, as it got closer, they slowed down and pulled up behind Tobbit. I opened the door and they had a seat on the tailgate and I got to enjoy their company.

A bit later, the cramps came back, forcing me back into a ball. I reached for my hot water bottle but it was cold. I contemplated going off to find hot water but I didn't want to leave my safe curled-up shape.

That's when my friend spoke up.

"Want me to go get some hot water?" he offered.
"Would you?"

I was really grateful. I was pretty settled in that bed.

He took my hot water bottle and tea thermos and rode off. In his absence, I turned on Chris Rice and read my favourite childhood book, Good Night Mr. Tom. I've read this book over 15 times since 4th grade. It's as soothing as a cup of tea and definitely a source of comfort, which was all I needed in this moment.

Not too long later, I heard his motorcycle again. He crawled inside Tobbit and handed me the tea and the hot water bottle which I quickly placed on my abdomen. With him he had also brought a movie. We watched it on his laptop and I soon I felt comfortable again - soothed and peaceful.

I felt really grateful.

Lately, I've been talking to a few friends about the topic of a frequent common desire to be comforted and taken care of. A lot of folks seek it out in one way or another in different seasons. Some folks put themselves into the situation and others find themselves there. Regardless of the path, I think that it's important, in moderation, to share comfort with folks who express a need for it.

It's important for me to have friends, wherever I am, who I know I can call upon when I'm feeling off. A week ago, I felt a bit miserable without knowing the cause. I just knew my stomach was peculiar and my emotions low, likely a result of the time of month. My friend let me jump into her shower, telling me to sprinkle peppermint oil around the room. When I got out, she had a warm tea and a mug of hot lavender tea ready for me. Within a short amount of time, I felt steadier again. I still felt like keeping a gentle mood, but I felt better.

Yesterday, I really needed comfort. I desired company and was grateful when it showed up. I was grateful to have a friend who was willing to sit with me for a few hours and go out of their way to get me hot water for my bottle.

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