Thursday, July 17, 2014

Housecleaning with Tobbit :: Staying Tidy While Truck-Dwelling

Living in a small space, one of the absolutes is that you have, have to keep on top of things or else life will unpleasantly spiral out of control pretty quickly.

I'm currently living in space that's just about equivalent, give or take a few inches, to the size of a twin mattress. Tiny house? This is about as tiny as it gets - it's smaller than most tents you sleep in when camping.

Despite how tiny it is, it's the perfect size for me! I love my little space. I feel secure and happy in there and actually enjoy spending time in my home. If I'm anywhere and I feel like it's just not vibing with me, I can easily go hide in Tobbit and wait till I'm emotionally prepared to see the world. I love it.

Anyways, it gets hectic in there really fast. It just takes one clothing change for things to turn to havoc.

Us rubber trampers each get our own set of systems that it takes to make living in our automobiles something feasible. Here's some things I try to be attentive do:

1. Idyllically, I try to vacuum once a week if I can track down a vacuum. Tobbit seems to be a magnet for grass.

2. On hot days, I air out my bedding on the side and hood of Tobbit. The other day I was in the ferry line for a few hours and took that as an opportunity to air out all of my blankets.

3. Once every three months, I try to do a thorough clean up. I pull out all of the carpets, go through all of my belongings and decide on what I really need and what can be passed on.

4. Everything has a place. I have a bag for food, a bag for socks and underwear, a box for teeth, body, and facial care, a square basket for clothes, a shelf for essential oils, etc. If it doesn't have a place, it doesn't belong. I'm currently trying to figure out a system for my letters.

5. Clean every night before dark and every morning before setting out for the day. It's especially important to keep Tobbit looking clean because people are always, always peeking in. Imagine you always had strangers poking their head in your front door? People will and do make a judgement call on you for living in an automobile (I've had generally positive receptions - folks like Tobbit) and when they make a snap judgement, I want them to see how truck-dwelling can be a positive experience. Just yesterday I met someone who told me that every time she sees my truck, it makes her heart warm. Warm hearts!

6. Go over the organization system at least once a week - clean out behind seats, especially, as they become a catch-all.

7. When life gets busy, have a catch-all bag just to feel like it's not too cluttered. When life slows down, I put on some good music and quickly sort through my accumulations.

8. To keep Tobbit smelling fresh, I use essential oils. No chemicals for such a small space. It frequently smells of lavender in Tobbit.

9. Tackle spills quickly to avoid gross mildew and mold. Baking soda is my dear friend.

10. If I see a need, something needed, I seek out to fill it right away - no use it putting it off.

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