Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morning View from Tobbit Post Awful Night

This morning I woke up on D.B. Farm on Lopez Island. At 6:25, when I open up my doors, this is what I saw:

It was a much needed consolation prize after an awful night.

By 9:30 PM, last night, I was already crashing and half asleep (in my sleeping bag and eyes closed) -- but at around 10:40 PM, a intoxicated human decided they wanted to sleep in Tobbit as well. Rule #1 of Tobbit is, "No men are allowed to spend the night in Tobbit," which I informed him of over four or five (or seven) times. It wasn't until 5 hours later that I got to go to sleep.

I got only two hours of sleep and was already in the process of getting sick (swollen, sore lymph nodes on the neck), having my body work through an allergic reaction to a peach, starting my period, and.. I think that's it.

Note: I did let him inside Tobbit for a bit. He asked permission and I was alright with it. As he entered, though, I let him know that he wouldn't be spending the night.

Hey folks, here's a simple guideline:

If, when you drink, you can't respect the boundaries of other folks -- that is a clear sign that you shouldn't drink that much. Drinking is not an excuse for being dismissive of my physical boundaries and my property boundaries and it upsets me a lot.

Here's another guideline:

The end of the night, when we've all already verbalized that folks will be going home, is not a good time to drink copious amounts of alcohol - especially if you're driving yourself home. If you feel the need to drink a lot when we're all about to go to bed, make sure you have someone lined up to get you home or figure out an alternative sleeping arrangement. Don't assume you can just sleep in Tobbit. If you want to ask about sleeping in Tobbit, ask at the beginning of the night. If you need me to drive you home, I can do that -- just before 3:40 AM.

What? You want another simple guideline? Here you go:

If I ask you to not fall asleep in my truck, don't. Especially don't in a way that keeps me from sleeping. If you're super sleepy and you know you're susceptible to dozing off, go jump in your own car (you know, the one I put a thick wool jacket, a few blankets, and a sheepskin in to keep you warm) before you fall asleep.

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