Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summertime and the Livin' is Easy :: Day 2

It was late in the morning, 9 AM, that I arose - but first I lifted up my eyes to look out of my porthole. It was finer than any scene I could conjure up in my mind, immediate bliss and peace.

I kicked open the doors and rummaged through my food-sack for something to eat. Breakfast was a feast - granola Kiré had made and given to me. I poured some flax milk on it and it was oh, oh so good. Grateful to eat her labour of love, so much love in there. Food, as a gift, always tastes better.

More shaking, more waking.

Then it was off to the Quaker meeting. I attended and it was lovely, although the silent portion was cut short and I was a bit disappointed. That's why I went. It was replaced with singing. I like singing, I do, but I really needed the silence this morning. At the meeting I met a woman named Leah - Leah of Australia. She was a sweet human and we made plans for 10 AM the next morning to make music together.

At the meeting, I had a hazelnut which triggered my allergies - an itchy mouth and throat. I popped a Benadryl. I hate them, but the doctor said that that's what I need to do. It was a bit frustrating as I thought I'd conquered these.

Back at the field, I made a pot of nettle tea, pulled out two raw macaroons, attempted to read and quickly fell asleep under the influence of the Benadryl.

I awoke to Dylan's riding-lawnmower which he had ridden over. We talked for a bit and then headed down the beach to read. And read. And read. Until Kiré and Jesse showed up - then we read some more. And more.

After a few chapters, I climbed the stairs back up to the field to see that Hans David had arrived in a giant, larger than life Chevy Van. He was quick to fill in the story of its acquisition - it had just been purchased the day before.

David Hans David was at the farmer's market Saturday morning when this couple in their late 20s drove up and asked, "Wanna buy a car for $25?" He said, "Sure... but I only have $14 in my wallet." They sold it to him for $14. The van came with its title, a full tank of gas (worth much, much more than $14), and later he discovered it also had $4 in change and some extra supplies. They talked things over and everything was set, and now he has a new van. It's ridiculous and I feel like the floor is solid tetanus - but it's a fun van, especially when full of dandy folks who are singing and attempting to go to the beach. It bounces and that old truck roar. If you look to the back, you can see right to the ground where a huge corner of the van is rusted out. For $14, though, it was pretty fine and became our bus for the next 36 hours.

We talked about cars, trucks, and vans and looked at automobile manuals and life was fine and the sun shone on and the sea air kept us refreshed. More reading happened on the field on a blanket, and then a hankering for a stroll erupted and moved us all through the woods and to another set of rocks jutting out alongside a small beach. We sipped tea from a thermos and Kiré found the most delicate of coral. Mid-conversation, David turned his head to stare out to sea - "a whale!" He had heard the whale spout out and was quick to spot it.

Dylan volunteered his kayaks, but only had two. Hans graciously encouraged me to go instead of him and we quickly ran to grab them and launch into the sea. There wasn't time for life-jackets. Just us and these small pieces of plastic in the middle of the water.

The whales came up again and we kayaked a bit closer, closer than intended. Pretty soon they were oh, oh so near and it was amazing! It wasn't till later than I learned it's illegal to get close to whales. They turned out to be grey whales and we traveled a bit with them up the coast.

This is up there on the list of most exciting, wondrous moments in my life. They would come up, the two of them, just glistening and barnacles bulging, then slide back down. They would spout out and surprise us. Just magical. Just amazing, truly amazing.

After a good amount of time, we headed back, read more, and then headed back to Dylan's house for dinner. Kiré jumped on the top of the lawnmower and they rode off, leading our summer-procession. I was was happily perched in the navigator's position in David's new rig and Jesse brought up the rear with Odessa, his marvelous VW van. Normally we stay on the field, but we ended up in the forest, somehow, with a loop and a few turns. Once again, blissed out. Watching the lawn mower roar away and take the trails, bouncing around with David, and wondering where Jesse went (answer: to Dylan's home).

We emerged again in the field and rode the rest of the way to Dylan's home - a 101 year old wonder. Here, music was tastefully blasted, nooks and crannies explored, wine consumed, and dinner made.. and a bed jumped upon. The setting was elegant and I felt grateful to be there in all of my sweat and acquired grime. Dinner was delicious - past with some sort of tomato sauce, corn, and a filling salad.

See those two pictures there - with Hans David doing the YMCA? He did that for 80% of photographs. He seemed a bit lonely without his -MCA, so we got the rest of them to complete and celebrate the Young Men's Christian Association. YMCA Montage!

The second day came to a close and we were all still neck-deep in... in... gratefulness? Content?

I like these people. I like their company and, the crazy thing is, they like mine too and don't make me doubt it for a second. For some reason, with this crew (DKJMH? KJHMD?), I feel really at ease. I feel settled. I also know it's only day two and I hold no expectations for the future. I'll just enjoy what is right now and see what comes of it.

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