Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thoughts Become Reality

Lately, I've been thinking thoughts and doing nothing about it and then they've been coming true.
It's been pretty rad.

The first one has to do with hours work.

These past few weeks have felt like summer, all play and no work. It was great for the time being, but I realized I wasn't working my goal number of hours. I didn't have regrets, but hoped that I could get enough for the next week. My aim is to work 20 hours each week. That's enough for me to practice, learn, play, connect, and also make enough cash to sustain my current needs and save up for the future (just a bit).

A few hours after thinking, "I want to work 20 hours this week," I went to check my email where folks had told me when they needed me the upcoming week. Three emails.

5 + 3 + (6 + 6) = 20


20 hours.

Exactly how many hours I had in my mind was just what was asked of me this week.

The second one has to do with eggs.

I like eggs and wanted to serve eggs with other stuff for a meal on Patos Island. There's a box where eggs occasionally show up for sale on the side of the road, but, I've only seen eggs there once before.

I thought, "I hope there's eggs. I hope there's eggs," as I drove by.

Sure enough, there in the box for the second time in my time on Lopez - there were eggs! So good.

The third one has to do with Waldron Island.

For three years I've wanted to go to Waldron. I recently started thinking about it.
This last weekend, life lined up that I could go.

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