Thursday, July 10, 2014


Pictures are all from yesterday.
I've said it before, but I just want to gush it all out again -- I am thriving! I feel loved, I feel secure, I feel stable, I feel alive, I feel vibrant. And you guys -- these are my feelings during the time of the month when I normally feel cruddy and upset.

Last week I saw some friends on Bowen Island and one of them remarked, "You're glowing!" and I also got that comment two days earlier when seeing a friend in Bellingham.

Is this the good life? Could it be?
With the clarity of mind, I've been able to start thinking thoughts and thinking about things that matter. My brain hasn't been too preoccupied with ridiculous whims. I'm able to make plans but live in the present.

I've been encountering small growth opportunities and, in the clarity of mind, able to look at them, process through them, and move on as needed. I don't find myself getting hung up on negatives. It feels really, really nice.


The days feel too short but I go to bed each night out of sheer exhaustion from a full day. I can rarely make it to 10 PM.

The other day, at around 11 PM, I looked at my face in the mirror for the first time since morning. My hair was everywhere. At first I thought, "Golly, that ridiculous!" and then I thought, "That's exactly how it should look after a day of scrambling on rocks, climbing into trees, barefoot hikes, afternoon snugs, story-sharing on the beach, whale-spotting, fish ladders, and dancing in the grass."

So much music. So much laughter. So balanced.

Is it the sun?
Is it Lopez Island?
Is it just a season?

Whatever it is, I'll take it.

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