Sunday, August 10, 2014

Neglected Blog

This is for Alex.

When my blog gets neglected for a week, it can be either a good sign or a bad sign.

It would be a sad sign if that meant that I was so down, I couldn't get the words to flow. If I was so messed up that I didn't know how to write. If I was so depressed, life didn't seem worth documenting.

Lately, though, it's been a good sign.

It's meant that I'm running full speed. It means that I'm finding myself at late night queer/trans festivals on Lopez Island where I wander around fields barefoot, skipping about, until I stumble upon a lit up stage and the most vivid spectrum of folks dancing around.

It means that I'm probably dancing around at a wedding for folks I don't know - but folks wonderful enough to have extended an invitation to the entire island.

It means that I might be sitting around in a steambath with 9 other folks, singing our little hearts out.

It means that I'm very likely asking my friend for one more motorcycle ride around the island.

It means that I'm spending 9 hours in one week on the water, learning to sail.

It means I'm dragging my cello around and playing with every musician I meet.

It means I'm nannying for 7 kids on the island each week and loving it.

It means I'm up till 3:30 AM, vomiting, having weird seizure-things, and forgetting to breath, occasionally.

It means I'm spending each night in a new location.

It means I've been reading East of Eden whenever it feels right.

It means I'm attempting to learn to skateboard during the sunset while barefoot, wearing a dress, and have forgotten to put on underwear (it happens).

It means I'm flying from Lopez to my childhood-town to see my Dad and celebrate his 60th birthday with him.

It means I'm borrowing a friend's dad's iPod to finally listen to bands like the Clash and Pink Floyd.

It means I found humans who like spending time with me and I like spending time with them.

It means I'm swimming in a pond and getting eaten by mosquitos.

It means I'm making whole wheat peanut butter chocolate honey cookies with my best friend, Hannah.

It means I'm hanging out in an apple tree and eating apples till I feel sick.

It means I'm starting to research my options for going back to school.

Life is full and vibrant.

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