Thursday, August 7, 2014

Run On :: Move On

This past week has been unexpected and weird.
I wasn't ready for it, wasn't prepared, and now I'm trying to muster up some wisdom as I figure out what to do. I'd go into details but this is a blog and this island is small.

This morning I was talking through things with a friend and kept shutting down. They had to go to work, but as they left, told me to go take a walk or something. It would do me good.

I knew this.
Coping with Funk 101's number one lesson is this, "Get outside. Get moving."
A happy body, for me, is one that can better process through a situation with clarity.

Once they were gone, my brain kicked into full gear. With no one else to depend on, I knew what I had to do. I've dealt with things on my own before. I've worked through muck. I just needed the right mindset and I needed to choose to act on that mindset. I chose this.

I decided it was a good morning to conquer a fear, accomplish something.

After eating half a cucumber and drinking some water, I drove to the local school. There, I decided I'd spend the morning working on two things - running and unicycling.

The unicycle I ride on was bought by me around 5 years ago. I always said I'd learn and haven't yet. But, as my avid-unicycling friend tells me, I'm so, so close to take-off. I spent the first half of my morning going back and forth, falling and getting back up again. It felt good to fall. It felt good to get up. It felt good to know that I'd get up again each time I fell.

Then it came time to run. I threw on my green shorts, the pair I've been wearing for 7 years or so (I don't like any others) and a striped t-shirt, laced up my sneakers, and headed for the track.

Running scares me.

So many times I've ran, I've twisted my ankle, I've ended up on crutches, I've hurt myself. It's lame...or maybe I'm lame, or I become lame.

One of my goals is to be able to run. So, this morning, in the midst of frustration and hurt, I started to run. I'd been told before by many that running can help clear the mind. It did.

I didn't run far (that would do more harm than good), but I ran for a while and it felt satisfying. I felt my brain defog and some of the better records in my brain started to play. They're the ones that say, "It's ok. Breathe. It's ok. Breathe."

At 11 AM I went to go hang out with Baby Z. She makes most days brighter. We went for a two mile walk.

Unicycling, running, and walking before afternoon.
Things are going to be alright.

Update: Things are alright. That day continued to be good and things have been smooth ever since. I've ran the past couple of mornings and found someone who has been running with me. Solid.

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