Saturday, September 27, 2014

Catch the Sun :: Weather Comparison of Lopez Island, WA to Haines, AK

Note: All shots in this post were taken by putting my sunglasses up to my camera lens so y'all can see what I see when I look at the world. This is not Instagram. I'm not sure how to use Instagram...

Haines is so soggy!
Soggy waffles.
Soggy socks.
Soggy doggy.

When I got back to Haines and asked how summer was, most folks just told me it was altogether a wet-mess not even a summer, really. Looking at the numbers, they got more than 250% more rain the normal. This is pretty sub-par for folks who make it through the winter with their eyes on the promised sun-to-come.

Tonight, I started to look at those numbers and what that meant for the people of Haines of Alaska and compare it to what I experienced this summer on Lopez Island in Washington state. I started to get amused and am compiling some of the numbers I found here in this post.

My data for Lopez Island is a bit off -- it's the historic numbers of Friday Harbor, from this summer, but they're pretty close. Lopez is a magical little land of sun sun sun and fog. So, oi, this is an interesting transition for me. I know I'm a Cascadian girl and am used to the rain, but it's been pouring, you guys. Just pouring these past few days!

This past week in Haines has produced 180% times more rain than I experienced, in total, on Lopez Island in four months.

Here, I even made this chart at that shows the stats from August 4-19 in Haines and on Lopez. Check out how may days there is rain in Haines. See that one day where, in just that day, they 70% of the total rain Lopez got in five months?

I'm really glad I left. I don't know how I would've made it through this year if I had stuck around. Even though I pride myself in being comfortable in the rain, I think this would've done me in. Lately, I've been realizing more and more how much the sun affects me and my mood. Sure, it can give me 24 hour headaches if I don't wear sunglasses and a hat in it, but, altogether, it keeps me chipper.

So, when it pops out for even just a bit, I've gotta get outside. This creates a bit of a tension during the summer because there's this constant guilt when the sun is out. It almost feels like a sin to not bask in it all day long.

Last week, Dani and I got in a glorious walk in the sun. It felt healing and renewing. I know I've gotta keep my legs moving, keep my body moving, to keep my head sane this fall.

As for temperature, how do the two towns compare?

Maximum Temperature (F):
Haines - 78
Lopez - 84

Average Daily Max:
Haines - 64
Lopez - 68

Maximum inches of rain encountered in one day:
Haines - 2.49
Lopez - .32

Total inches of rain from May 1 to September 27:
Haines - 25.58
Lopez - 1.57

Last Sunday it rained 2.49 inches in Haines followed by .01 inches, then three dry days, then .19, and yesterday the 27th gave us 1.46 inches of rain.

I was just looking ahead at the week. Predicted is a dry day (Wednesday) and according to Mr. Weatherman, we'll be seeing snow next Sunday.

I'm grateful for the summer I had because I feel prepared and reading for the fall to come. There's a reason I keep coming back to Haines in autumn. It's my favourite season and Haines is one of my favourite places. It only makes sense, in my mind, to collide the two. In Haines, I have a great support team of friends and families that help me get through the dark and there's the right balance of lots-to-do and enjoy-yourself-and-get-things-done that doesn't happen in the whir of summer.

We'll see how it goes this time around.

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