Monday, September 22, 2014

Eyes Go Dialated

I went for a walk the other day... and these were the faces I made the entire time.
This photo selection was from when I was trying to take a picture of my eyes when they were all bizarre.. the problem is, I couldn't actually open my eyes up for the shot.

Hey world --- this is the face I make when my eyes have pyramid (dilating drops) in my eyes. My mom works for an optometrist, so eye appointments have been routine, even though I have pretty stellar eyes. I've got glasses, but the doc says that I don't have to wear 'em unless I'm in the mood. Just a little astigmatism.

Since I was visiting Seattle for a few days (yes, I had only been in Alaska for a week or two so far - there was a memorial service in Seattle to attend), she booked me a last-minute appointment.

I guess I had someone new doing my eyes because, after some test, she went ahead and put the drops in my eye. My eye doctor politely flipped out at her ("I can give you 14 reasons why you shouldn't have put pyramid in her eyes..") because, essentially, she made it so he couldn't do anything with me. My eyes were so out of wack that I couldn't do any eye tests with him. Thus, my last day in Washington was spent near the eye doctors so I could return later in the day when my eyes were better and less dilated.

Then I had the brilliant idea to go for a walk.
Genius? Eh?
The agony.

Luckily, Dad picked me up at the thrift shop (I couldn't drive) and took me out to Thai food and then dropped me off at the community college so I could buy my textbook for this quarter. A few hours later and I was set to get my eyes re-checked.

I never wear my glasses. Why? Because they really hurt my eyes.
Turns out the prescription was wayyy too strong for me. They sent me to pick out new frames but I decided to keep the old ones I had. They didn't even get used and it doesn't makes sense to fork over the cash for new frames.

And... I finally did get a picture of my eyes.

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