Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moringa Tea :: the Smell of Me

 "Do I have any mail?"
"You know you do. You always do."
"Thanks. Ahey! It's from Liberia!"

I don't think I ever want to stop having "General Delivery" mail, I love having it handed to me.

General Delivery is a fantastic tool for travelers and nomads and folks like me who move around a lot. Letters can be addressed to you with General Delivery under the name (ex. M. Hubert // General Delivery // Haines, AK // 99827 < - - - my current address which works great for my upcoming birthday next Friday). Then, the recipient of a letter can go to the post office, ask for general delivery, and it gets handed to them. I like hand deliveries of the mail.

On one of those sunny Lopezian days, I was handed a letter from Liberia.

Liberia? West Africa Liberia?

It was a letter from my friend, Kyle, who had been living there for the past year. It was his first letter to try to send out and it had successfully made it into my hands.

The reason for the letter was that he had found my smell.

Back when I met Kyle, in 2012, Kyle learned that I was a bit frustrated because I could never smell the smell that is the smell of me.

A few years later, he was making tea, smelled it, and realized it smelled just like me. He sent me the recipe:

Liberian Honey

I found some freeze dried moringa on the internet (I couldn't find it at my local grocery store) and started to carry it around till I could find some Liberian honey.

About 2 months ago, I got a message that Kyle was unexpectedly coming home due to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. About a month later, he was spending a week with me on Lopez Island. With him, he brought me a gift of Liberian honey.

I was pretty stoked.
Despite my stoked-ness, it still took me a month to get around to making the tea.

This morning I squeezed some lemon juice into a jar, added some slices of ginger, a splash of honey, and a bag of moringa. A few glugs of hot water turned the thing into a generator of what I supposed smell like.

My thoughts? Well... if that's what I smell like, apparently I smell delicious.

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