Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer Snapshots

This summer felt like summer.
It was summer, in full... if summer means barefeet, sundresses, and running about on rocks, and constant movement and waves of delight while taking the time to explore Lopez Island (and Patos Island).

During a shopping trip, I grabbed a disposable camera on a whim and snapped a few shots throughout the summer.

As you glance through them, here's a song to go with them. This was the song of the summer for no reason to do with the lyrics but for every reason to do with that bass line at the beginning.

Here they are:

There was a guy and his name was and is Sawyer. We nabbed the apples. We nabbed the tomatoes. We nabbed the squash. We nabbed the blueberries. We nabbed summer all up.

Hannah G. The myth, the legend, and the reason I ended up on Lopez Island in the first place. She's been of my dearest friends since I met her on September 16, 2011 (three years ago!). I love her a lot. A lot, a lot.
Once upon a time we sailed to Patos Island to be the keepers of the lighthouse for a wee bit.

One of many-a-tailgate party with Tobbit. This time it was with Harrison, of New Zealand, and Rebecca, of Everywhere.

This is where I most frequently parked Tobbit. When I had guests, they could stay in the cabin because Tobbit isn't so great for hosting guests.

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