Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Birthday Day

Sorry about that post, last night.
Sort of.
Well, I guess I'm not really sorry.
Not at all.

I'm currently at the Juneau Airport, two hours before my flight to Seattle. I know I don't need to be here this early but I'd either be here or at the hotel room.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was lovely.
Remarkable? Not really.
Pleasant? Yes.
Was I in good cheer? In deed.

I woke up and opened up my letters. Goodness, thank you, humans, for all that paper-love you sent me. Thank you for cards and letters and postcards and pictures and for Travels with Charlie.

A hot shower was taken and I got dressed for my first day as a 24 year old - paisley skirt and a dark green sweater.

Downstairs, I enjoyed talking with Dani. She's not a huge morning person and I'm not a night person so we make an interesting duo. After about 20 minutes, she realized it as my birthday and wished me a happy one. For breakfast I served up some leftover borscht I'd made the night before.

After breakfast, I got a call from a neighbour who asked if I had employment. I said that I was looking. She said she could use my help on something so I ran over to her house and worked a bit with her on organizing. We worked together for a few hours before I said I had to go back home to pack and clean. We made a good team and I'm stoked to see her again next Thursday.

Back home, I hung out with Dani and Pearl and then Alice came over. She was pretty shook up and had had a rough day with the news that Scotland had rejected independence. She brought over a chicken to eat because chicken makes people feel better, sometimes. Alice means a lot to me. We spent a lot of time together my first year in Haines but during the second year, I didn't see her at all. Now, I get to see her again. I really appreciate her

Before long, it was 4:30 and time to catch my 5 PM ferry to Juneau. I had to go to Juneau so I could catch my flight, the next day, to Seattle for a funeral. Dani was really sweet and drove me there and we were both in good moods. She's such a good friend to me. At the ferry, I quickly gave them $35 for the ticket and boarded the ferry with a large jar of borscht in hand.

I settled into my seat aboard and then looked out the window and.. and... who did I see?
Justin Riley.

I met Justin back a few years ago in Portland, Oregon. Next time I saw him was in Paonia, Colorado and then again in Bellingham, Washington. I hadn't seen him since.

Now, here he as on the same ferry I was on from Haines to Juneau up in Alaska.

The other thing is, I was a part of the reason he was up there. A few years ago during my first summer in Haines, I went to the fair and saw, near the front of the stage, a man dancing to the live music. I asked him to dance and soon got to know Daniel Martin. He as trying to start a dance scene in Juneau. Later, when he asked for suggestions for dance instructors to fly up, I suggested Justin Riley. Now, here was Justin Riley up in Alaska after teaching a dance weekend for an event Daniel was putting on. Voila!

We got to talking and soon met Anne, the woman sitting in front of us, who was on her way to a housesitting gig (sort of...) in Juneau. You're always guaranteed a good conversation on the Alaska Marine Highway if you want one.

4.5 hours later and we were in Juneau. A quick call and my ride to the hotel was there. Since it was for a funeral and I otherwise probably couldn't make it, my family was really sweet to me and paid for this trip. Hotels always feel like luxurious experiences. Giant fluffy beds and fresh soap. The hotel staff wished me a happy birthday and I made my way up to room 237.

I was surprised with how big the room was and, there on the table was a birthday bag filled with treats from my folks! It made me smile.

I slept like a starfish.

And, well, that was my birthday.
Happy happy birthday.

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