Sunday, September 28, 2014

The "I'm in Alaska" Update

View from a tree on the property of the fourth house I lived in in Haines
Yeah... the posts I've been posting are all correct, I'm back in Haines, Alaska.

If you don't know me well (or keep track of my history -- because who has time or energy for that?), I first came to Alaska with two river guides I met on the dance floor back in 2011. This will be my third autumn in Alaska since my first one in 2012. I love this town.

I live in Haines.
It's a wee town in Southeast Alaska near the tippy top of the armpit of Alaska on the deepest fjord in North America (and one of the deepest in the world world world). There are mountains all over and the largest bald eagle population (concentration) in the world. It's also full of a lot of people I absolutely adore and can't stand to be away from for too long.

I'm currently in the 8th living situation I've had up in the North.

I live with... Dani, Daniel, Luke, Nik, and Pearl.
Daniel, Nik, and Luke are brothers.
Nik is with Dani.
They have a one-year-old muppet named Pearl and she's going to be a big sister soon.

They didn't all used to live together. The giant moment of unison came on after their beloved family home burned down this past February, quite the tragedy - they built it themselves some 20+ years ago. So, back, last wintry-inspiring time. So now, they are all in the house together. There used to be more of them in there but they've since dispersed, a bit.

I'm grateful to have my own room that as four windows that open! Last winter I had a beautiful place to call home (in the back room of a shop in town), but it had no windows. Now, they're ever the luxury.

I currently have some jobs in town that will cover my basic living expenses. I am working for a beautiful homeschool family I know well and I'm also helping out another woman who lives near me.

While up here, I'm also taking a wack at school again as I prepare to finish up my studies. I'm in a math class through my old college and this takes up some 2-5 hours of time a week. I find it terribly satisfying.

If you wish to send me a letter, I can get mail that's addressed to...

M[insertsomethinghere] Hubert
General Delivery
Haines, AK

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